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Private Events

Private Events:

We are excited to announce the completion of our newest private event space: show bar + Venue 101 -which includes The Astoria Room & The Library. Its first floor location offers a stunning full bar, 3 large projection screens, capacity from 20 – 275 persons + a private outdoor patio which seats another 100+. Click on the show bar rental link below for more information.

Revolution Hall offers clients and their guests world-class amenities, state-of-the-art production, and the friendliest food & beverage staff in town. The spacious auditorium + expansive hallways, venue 101 + show bar, the stunning 2700 sq. ft. roof top deck (**limited evening availability), the auxiliary rooms (which include Marthas, The Assembly Lounge, our Greenroom, the Sunset Room, 2 auxiliary conference rooms, Venue 101 and show bar)  can accommodate private events ranging from corporate luncheons to multi-faceted experiences including speaking engagements, award shows, and more. We accommodate events of all kinds for 20 to 1200 guests.

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