Information for Bands

Information for Bands:

For detailed tech specs and advance inquiries:
Tech Spec PDF available for download here: REV HALL TECH PDF
Special thanks to Revival Drum Shop for providing our house backline kit.


Capacity: 836

Stage: 38′ wide x 24′ deep

Stage Height: 3′ 2″


MON is 12 Mixes from FOH


MAINS: Meyer Point Array (4) per side JMP-1

SUBS: (2) VUE Audio AS418 1 per side, driven by Powersoft Digam K3’s


(6) Shure Beta 58a

(4) Shure sm58

(8) Shure sm57

(2) Sennheiser 421

(4) Sennheiser e914

(4) Sennheiser e904

(1) Shure sm 52a

(1) Shure sm 91a


CONSOLE: Grand MA 1 full size

TRUSSES: Three long trusses- one FOH, one mid-stage, one up-stage. Sychnronized motor control for all trusses

FOH Truss: 8 par 64 18 x 10 wt (9 dmx channels) / 6 Source Four Leko 750 Watt

Eurolight LD 6230 6 channel 1.2K dimmer

Mid stage Truss and Upstage Truss: Totals split between 3 trusses 8 LED moving head 100 Watt spot w/ FX (15 DMX Channels)

14 RGBWA LED Par 64 18x 10 Watt (9 DMX channels)

100A tour lighting cam lock unit at the ready

Spotlights are available for rent.

HAZE MACHINE: Radiance Hazer

Pyro Permit: NO Pyro Allowed

PROJECTOR: EIKI EIP-HDT30 HD Widescreen Projector. Full HD 1080p resolution. 8,000 Lumens bright. 7,500:1 contrast ratio

2 SCREENS: 11.25′ x 20′ (upstage) & 14′ x 26′ (downstage)


Photo Policy: Per Advance. House policy is no audio recording, no video recording, no professional cameras w/out a pass, no flash.