Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019 – Tickets – Revolution Hall – Portland, OR – October 26th, 2019

Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019

Sat, October 26, 2019

Doors: 8:30 am / Show: 9:15 am

$110 General Admission, $175 VIP

This event is all ages

This Event is All Ages and Fully Seated.

Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019
Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing... Portland Psychedelic Society presents its annual conference, Saturday, October 26th at Revolution Hall.

With speakers from various disciplines and approaches, from the scientific to experiencial, this conference will explore the ancient teacher plants and modern chemicals that are transforming society on multiple fronts from psychology, to spirituality, interpersonal relationships, healing modalities, and more.

As psychedelics have affected society over the last half century, with the new growing acceptance of these amazing substances we are at the edge of even greater revelations and social revolutions through their applications in our lives.

Come to Portland Psychedelic Conference to catch a glimpse of the immense new possibilities opening up in the coming years, help us chart a better future!