Vapetoberfest A Trade Show For All Vaping Enthusiasts In CA On October

by John on August 11, 2013

Vapetoberfest is a very own vaping trade show of and in California.  It will debut on October 18-19 in the center of Downtown Long Beach, at the famous Long Beach Convention Center.  This event will serve as marketplace businesses and consumers will meet.  Here, all vapers could vend, establish relations, create networks and most of all enjoy all services offered in the Vapetoberfest.

High end products on vaping will be unveiled during the event by numerous manufacturers. Vape bars will be completely stocked. There will also be a vape garden for attendees to enjoy along with lots of prizes and giveaways to bag.

About The Venue

Long Beach Convention Center is found exactly at 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach. This convention center offers a flexible convening space of 400,000 feet squared where all vaping enthusiasts can meet and set up exhibits.  Aside from electronic cigarette trade show, Vapetoberfest, Long Beach Convention Center is also home to other renowned events like Toyota Grand Prix and also Agenda Trade Show.  All around the venue are a lot of other amenities and establishments for accommodations, dining, entertainment, shopping and more.

Speaking of accommodations, if you will be attending this two-day vaping event, you might want to make your reservations at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach.  The hotel is directly adjacent to the venue of Vapetoberfest.  Aside from being just next door, Hyatt Regency is also offering discounted price especially set for all those who will attend the vaping occasion.  Online reservations can be made through the provided URL on the official website of Vapetoberfest, or via phone reservations by calling Central Reservation numbers, 1-800-233-1234.  It would be best that as early as now, you already make reservations because rooms might be limited only.

Early Registrations

If you like to join this trade show for vapers, you need first to register.  Registration is already open and the organizers are even offering 25% discount to all those who will register early.

Vendor Opportunity

Vendors are very much welcome to join too. In fact, such events will greatly benefit manufacturers and companies offering electronic cigarettes. It is during such events that vaping enthusiasts actually meet one another, explore what the trade show has to offer and try out different and new offered products.  This is an ideal occasion where business relations can be made by retailers, distributors and manufacturers. The packages for vendors already include a booth space of 10 by 10, a customizable backdrop, company name to be listed on the official show guide of Vapetoberfest and also complimentary tickets.

The space dedicated for vendors has a total area of 10,000 feet squared. If this vast space is completely occupied, consumers are sure to enjoy more than 40 different vendors under one single roof.  The vape garden will also have a 16 feet illuminated completely stocked bar.  Rebuildable classes and seminars will likewise be held.  Vendors can also now register for this trade show.

Vapetoberfest Contests

There will also be contests to be held.  One is ‘Convert A Smoker’ that will challenge one’s talent for sales talk to convince a smoker to switch to vaping by presenting the benefits that can be obtained from electronic cigarettes.  The mission is to record all these persuasion via a smartphone as one tries to get a smoker to start on vaping. The video must be uploaded to YouTube.  One with the most number of video clips is the winner. This contest will start Friday at five in the afternoon and will end the next day at one in the afternoon.

Another contest is ‘Cloud 4 Days’.  As a contestant, what you need to do is to blow a huge cloud of vapor. Each contestant is given two attempts in blowing vapor that will impress the judges, who will give the rating of 1-10 for each contestant. Criteria for judging include amount of produced vapor, density of vapor and one’s creative style in blowing or in vaping.

‘Mix Master’ is also another activity to look forward to.  If you are talented in tinkering with DIY mixes, then this is the contest you can join to show everyone about the amazing flavor you have concocted.   There is also ‘Vape Pong’ that involves blowing and controlling o’s.  You may checkout the official website of Vapetoberfest to read more about this event and other important information.

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